FINMAC Academy Offered Learning Program


Basic Competency Module

In Basic Competency Module, students will be introduced to the Basics of Foreign Exchange or most commonly known as FOREX. In this module, they will learn what is FOREX and its history. What is it that is traded on the Foreign Exchange, how to Read a Forex Quote, the advantages of Forex Trading, Vital Forex Definitions, and Currency Acronyms and Abbreviations in ForEx.

Common Competency Module

In Common Competency Module, students will learn the Currency Pairs (Direct and Indirect) that are commonly traded, Cross Rates, Currency Correlations, Volatility, Profit & Loss, Risk Management, Knowing the Market, Technical Analysis, Trading Strategy,

Core Competency Module

In Core Competency Module, students will have a thorough Understanding of Fundamental Analysis and then Implementing Technical Analysis. For they will learn the trends in different time frames, price action trading, manage the lows and exploit the highs, different strategies in trading, pivot points, support and resistance, market execution, the charts, and candlestick patterns, and deep understanding of most commonly used indicators, combining technical indicators for better performance, having a game plan, risk management, synchronizing fundamentals and technical, and navigation of MT4 in laptop and mobile phone and implementing Technical Analysis and understanding fundamental analysis.